NetherGames and Plexium Merger

Hello NetherGames and Plexium players!

Today we're excited to be announcing that Plexium will be merging into NetherGames!

Plexium is close to being released - and its gamemodes will be released under the NetherGames banner. The Plexium name will be discontinued as a result of this change.

This change also means that the recently accepted applicants who have been invited to conduct or have participated in an interview will no longer be hired as a staff member on either server. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding in this matter. You are most welcome to apply for a staff position at NetherGames -

The Plexium Discord server will be closed in the coming days, so make sure you've joined the NetherGames Discord server at

If you have any questions regarding the merger, please contact our support team - live chat through, @NetherGamesMC on Twitter, #support on our Discord server ( or [email protected] through email.

Thanks for supporting NetherGames and Plexium!